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Froehlich Global Search 5 Step Process

In order to ensure the optimal (new) staffing of an open position, FGS has developed a stringent five-step process. As a result, we can guarantee that clients’ requests will be handled in a customised manner when carrying out either a local or global search.

1. Detailed analysis of the position

Phase 1

  • Creation of a target company list

Phase 2

  • Selection of a target firm client/project manager

Phase 3

  • Information research on target companies using the Internet, internal and external databases, business reports and networks.

2. Comprehensive research process for addressing candidates

Phase 4

  • Research identifies potential candidates and corporate structures by telephone

  • Evaluation of Phase 3

  • Responses from CAE networks

    Analysis of internal database

Phase 5

  • Performance of telephone interviews with potential candidates

Phase 6

  • Generation of CVs for addressed candidates

  • Evaluation

3. Careful selection process

Phase 7

  • Performance of personal interviews by the consultant

Phase 8

  • Preparation of confidential reports through research and assistance

Phase 9

  • Creation of confidential reports by the consultant

4. Decision making process

Phase 10

  • Confidential reports sent to clients

Phase 11

  • Telephone conference between client and consultant for the evaluation of confidential reports

Phase 12

  • Invitation of final candidates

5. Successful contract negotiation/follow-up

Phase 13

  • Performance of interviews with final candidates by the client

Phase 14

  • Assistance in contract negotiations

Phase 15

  • Regular follow-up conversations with clients and candidates