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Philosophy and Specialist Groups

To be able to function as a powerful and efficient consultancy firm, we work together with leading experts at every level. Thanks to our very well-developed network, we can rapidly deliver high-quality profiles. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, we only work with a limited number of companies from each economic sector. Specific branch know-how allows our consultants to find the perfect candidate in no time at all. For this reason, we have pooled our entire expert knowledge into the following specialist groups:

  • Automotive and suppliers
  • Consumer goods
  • Energy
  • Business services (including IT and telecommunications)
  • Technology
  • Production
  • Transport/logistics
  • Politics/society
  • Company successors
  • Start-ups
  • Interim

Every single specialist group has developed its own branch-specific knowledge system. Each group’s market knowledge, which is researched and updated on a daily basis, and the databases and processes which they create enable all of our consultants to access all of the company’s knowledge at any time. All of our collective resources are used for each and every search request in order to guarantee that the work is of the highest possible quality.